K. Mars

guitarist/cameraman designer/songwriter

I work in the music industry, check out my second blog for trending music videos news interviews & fashion headlines

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Nicki Minaj ft David Guetta - Turn Me On

( what you think ?)


Yasmin - 5 minutes/Fck you (hot acoustic)

I need 5 more minutes just / 5 more minutes cuz / i ain finished wit you /

u got 5 more minutes so / just admit it cuz / i know i’m dun with you /

                     [my fav bit, quite catchy]


Wonder Girls - Dj is Mine (wow you gotta hear this lalalala lallah ♪)

 [ korean pop electro with dubstep break, and a sick catchy melody ] 

Swedish House Mafia vs Knife party - Antidote


The Weekend - Knowing (Awesome Vfx)

check out the visual arts 

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